Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Recap

I'm sure other things happened in July, but in my mind there were pretty much two main events. Camille's 1st Birthday and Comic Con!!! We'll start with Comic Con:
Last year I went to Comic Con and Camille was born a week later. I was SUPER pregnant and got an awesome handicap sticker on my badge. It helped me get in lots of stuff and was all around awesome. This year we didn't get a handicap badge but I had my sweet little cosplayer with me so it was nice to have someone with me in lines. We also had a friend, Kristen, who we hung with a bit too! Camille had three outfits, a pink Dalek, a Firefly related costume (Jayne Cobb's #1 Fan), and a Tardis. I worked REALLY hard to make them and I was really proud how they turned out. I've never sewed clothing like this before. I made her two dresses and for her TARDIS dress I made her a light up headband. I was so proud of that, it rocked! We went to a ton of panels, John Barrowman panel, Nerdist, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Falling skies, Breaking Bad, Revolution, Cup of Joe Marvel Comics, donated blood, walked the exhibit hall a bunch, got some presents for friend, Camille had her picture taken a TON of times, and met lots of people and had fun!
Here's some pics!
 Camille and Matt Mira! He loved her Jayne Cobb hat!
 First time giving blood!
 The hero of Canton's #1 Fan
 So much Stuff!
 Star Wars Oragami
 Passed out after a busy day being a nerd
 Camille and her best friend John Barrowman at his book signing. She's a baby Tardis!

 Lego Iron Man
 Camille Baby Tardis and awesome 4th Doctor

 Adorable tiny 10th doctor playing with Camille. It was SO CUTE!

 In line at the BUTT crack of DAWN for Doctor Who panel!
 Tiny Dalek!
 Baby Dalek and John Barrowman again!

After Comic Con, it was getting ready for Camille's birthday! My mom came down for a week and Brendans parents came down for a few days. My sister and her family, Brendans brother and my dad came down for the party too! Lots of people were here for our girls 1st birthday!! We invited lots of friends and it was crazy! Kids everywhere, toys, food, friends and family. It was the best. It was exactly as I'd hoped it would be!! It's amazing to me that she's one. On her actual birthday all day I kept thinking back to what I was doing exactly on year before. Going to the doctor for an ultrasound, them saying she was going to be like 8 1/2 pounds then my doctor saying I'm leaking fluid and to go to the hospital. Getting hooked up and induced, the terrible non stop contractions, epidural bliss, her being sunny side up and so hard to get out and my mom getting there JUST IN TIME. It was amazing and hard and perfect all in one. She's such an awesome girl. She gives kisses, loves to explore, laughs a lot. She is starting to get mad when she doesn't get her way and doesn't understand why you take things. She's sad when you leave. She's becoming a person. Watching her grow up! Here's som pics from her party:

July was Awesome!!!


The last couple months have been a blur! Camille turned one, we went to Comic Con, went on a family vacation! It's been awesome and I honestly totally forgot about blogging. I'm back at it now! I'll just post pics from the last two months them maybe later talk about year event in more detail.
 Here's some June pics:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

We have a Walker on our hands!

Camille has been taking a step or two here and there for a couple weeks now. Today we were playing in the living room and she started taking Lots of steps!!! We got some on video:


These weren't even the best ones! She's getting the hang of it!! It's amazing how fast babies grow! She's barely 10 months old and she's walking, babbling, eating and becoming a little person!
She has four teeth coming in on top. Two have poked through but the other two are almost there. It's REALLY ROUGH. She's not sleeping well at all. Like every 1-2 hours waking up crying. It's terrible, because I want to help her and there's nothing I can do. And I'm exhausted. I had a breakdown last week because I ruined four bags of milk by not putting them away when I got home. I just forgot. And since I was running low on milk to take to day care I just freaked out. Not my best moment. But hey, we all have them. I'm pretty sure sleep would really help that out.
I stumbled across a website called Sleep Sisters where they talked about bedtimes for different age groups. Camille was going to bed every night way past what they said she should be. They offer packages but with my car accident, I don't have the funds to work with them. I contacted them asking if they had any advice or could work with me on something. One of the women called and talked to me for a while. She was AMAZING. She gave me a ton of pointers and told me that it's probably mostly teething and if it continues after her teeth pop through to give her a call back. We've been moving up her bedtime for the last few nights. Tonight we put her down around 7 and she only fussed for a little while. Previously she was fighting sleep until 8:30-9pm!! This is Awesome! Check out the page HERE

In other news we went to Joshua Tree last weekend for our first time. It was pretty near, mostly just driving around and climbing on some rocks. Work is good, tax season is done and while we're still busy, there's at least a chance to breathe! I'm starting a ton of knitting projects, I've inspired!! I'm going to really try to get some knitting done for Christmas presents this yaer. I've got like 6 projects I'm hoping to complete. I don't have all the yarn I need, so I'm starting with the ones I have and when I get paid I'll start buying what I need. I need a ton of super bulky :-) Yay for knitting!

That's all for now, just a quick hello :-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Mothers Day

I remember last years mothers day. I must've been like 7 months pregnant or so. I think I'd been recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had some seriously swollen feet. I honestly could never have imagined this little girl we have today!
This years mothers day was much better. I have normal sized feet for one thing haha! My mom came down for a couple days, so it was pretty awesome to spend my first Mothers day with my mom! We went up to Idyllwild to escape the desert heat, it was fun, walked around, looked at stuff, drove and saw the sights. A fun day. I love my family :-)

Friday we're going to Disneyland! It's Ellie's bday so we are meeting my sister and her fam there. It's Camille's first time (well outside of my belly) so I'm pretty excited. I haven't been in over a year. My sisters mom made the three girls adorable matching outfits. I'm so excited!!!!! I think the only time Brendan has come with me to Disneyland was like 5-6 years ago!! So this will be super fun.
I still don't have my car back. I've been relying on the niceness of my awesome co-workers. I'm glad I work with nice people! I should get it back Wed or Thursday. Fingers crossed. It'll be nice to be able to come and go as I please again!
I'm almost done with this current class at school. I need to go talk to a counselor, because I thought this was my last class before my certificate, but the online thing is telling me I need one more class which will irritate the crap out of me. Especially since this current class has been such a waste of my time. I thought it would be interesting and cool, but noooooooooooo. Man some of the people in that class are just SLOW. I learn more at work and just looking around in the program.
Next month will be our houseboating trip, which I am super excited about. It's a long ass drive, but I get to see my Papa!! He'll get to meet Camille! And my Aunt Diana too. It's going to be fun!
Here's Papa, Christina and I circa my guess would be like 1993?

Crazy baby:
 We skip baths and just put her in the dishwasher:

Such a pretty girl:

 Finally getting the hang of the pool!