Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Has Arrived

I've always said my favorite time of year is around Halloween through Jan. 25th. I hold to that even more so since we're moved up north. Although the days have still be warm, there have been some rainy days, lots of trees turning colors, wine grapes being harvested, and chilly nights. It's fabulous.
We've lived in Cloverdale for just over 6 months now. We are all working a lot, and enjoying the outdoors and events when we can. Camille started a daycare/pre-school that she goes to a couple days a week. She loves it and is learning so much. She often sings songs on the way home or yells out colors when she sees one she recognizes. She has a best friend named Mia that she adores and comments that she wants to see her Mia all the time. They're the cutest little friends I've ever seen. We went to the San Francisco Zoo recently. They have a baby giraffe and a baby gorilla. It's not a huge zoo but it was really fun! We explored the Cloverdale cemetery today, it was really neat. A cool Halloween weekend thing to do! Camille wanted to be Queen Elsa for Halloween so we got her a beautiful dress and I knit her a beanie that had a long blonde braid. She was a champ! She would quietly say Trick or Treat and excitedly take a candy! Sometimes she would try to go inside the house when they would open the door. We didn't stay out long but she had a great time but we got a good stash of candy. She was a happy camper! I don't have many pictures but I'm waiting on some friends who might have taken some! Meanwhile, here are some new pics!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Time Vortex

I'm pretty sure I'm on some sort of time vortex. Last time I blogged we had just moved to Cloverdale. Now it's July! We've been here almost 3 months and Camille is turning two in just a couple weeks. See what I mean about time?? It's FLYING.
Cloverdale has really grown on me. It's a tiny little town but there's plenty to do in and around and I really like it. I work in Santa Rosa, so if I need anything I just get it during the day. We've gone to the river a couple times and I hope we can go camping soon. Maybe just for one night to see how Camille does! I'm also really liking my job. I was worried because I have no history in this sort of work and I didn't want to let people down. But I actually enjoy it, I have good people I work with and it's interesting.
Our house is still on the market in Palm Desert. I'm upset that it hasn't sold yet. It's looking like we're going to have to rent it out for a while. Summer isn't exactly the booming real estate time in the desert. I hope something happens with that soon.
Camille is so big. She's talking so much and super opinionated. She says Momma and Mommy now, interchangeably and has been super clingy for the last couple weeks. She's always pointing at things and saying what they are. Moon, Zoom (car), doggies, book etc. I had some pictures of animals in a book that I'd never showed her. I asked her to point out the zebra and she did. She pointed out a zebra, elephant and baboon. Her big thing is having books read to her at night. If she hasn't fallen asleep when we're done and we try to leave she tells us No you sit, Book. She even wakes up in the middle of the night asking for book sometimes. That's my girl!! She loves the movie Frozen, so we're going to have a Frozen themed birthday. She sings the songs and knows the movie by heart. They played it in the town green on a bit inflatable screen a couple weeks ago. She knows the movie so well that whenever something was about to happen, she would yell out right before the actual event and then crack up. 
We're gearing up to go to Comic Con again this year. I'm super excited because I have more friends coming along!! My mom, Amber, Kieran and Kristen will be joining Camille and I!! I have a couple costumes in the works. It's going to be the best year yet, I really can't wait!

Until next time!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Big Changes for Us

So much is happening. I'm sorry for the totally lack of blogs and since we've had such a big change in our lives, I'm hoping to start blogging more regularly to keep people more informed on everything.
So we have moved to Northern California. We are currently living in Cloverdale now! I started a new job last Monday. It's going really well I think! It's a lot to take in but I'm learning a ton and I think it'll be really good! We're trying to unpack and get everything settled and it seems like the boxes are never ending!! How did we acquire so much stuff?? Babies have a ton of stuff, but we can't blame it all on her! Luckily our house that we are renting has a lot of nooks an crannies for stuff. It's a pretty cool old house.
We really miss Palm Desert and our friends there. I hope they all visit us soon. It's so cold here, it'll take me a while to get climatized to this weather. I'm so used to being warm all the time! I'm sure with summer coming it'll warm up a bit. I also miss our zoo! :-( Here's a picture of Camille at the Living Desert in Uncle Kieran's hat!
 This is our last picture in front of our house. We hope it will sell soon!
 Daddy and Camille in front of our new house
 On my way to work in Santa Rosa
 The cool pub near us has shuffleboard, we definitely need to brush up on the rules and our skills
 Out for a walk. So chilly!
 Camille and Grammie took the bus to Santa Rosa. She loved it!
Planting a garden! Carrots, radishes, canteloupe, peppers, peas, green beans, tomatoes and others. Hopefully things start growing! We have a few fruit trees here too, lemon, orange, apple and I think a peach tree? And some grapes growing in the backyard too!

 At Dry Creek Market having lunch!
So that's all I have for now! I promise to write more as we embark on this new adventure :-)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Recap

I'm sure other things happened in July, but in my mind there were pretty much two main events. Camille's 1st Birthday and Comic Con!!! We'll start with Comic Con:
Last year I went to Comic Con and Camille was born a week later. I was SUPER pregnant and got an awesome handicap sticker on my badge. It helped me get in lots of stuff and was all around awesome. This year we didn't get a handicap badge but I had my sweet little cosplayer with me so it was nice to have someone with me in lines. We also had a friend, Kristen, who we hung with a bit too! Camille had three outfits, a pink Dalek, a Firefly related costume (Jayne Cobb's #1 Fan), and a Tardis. I worked REALLY hard to make them and I was really proud how they turned out. I've never sewed clothing like this before. I made her two dresses and for her TARDIS dress I made her a light up headband. I was so proud of that, it rocked! We went to a ton of panels, John Barrowman panel, Nerdist, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Falling skies, Breaking Bad, Revolution, Cup of Joe Marvel Comics, donated blood, walked the exhibit hall a bunch, got some presents for friend, Camille had her picture taken a TON of times, and met lots of people and had fun!
Here's some pics!
 Camille and Matt Mira! He loved her Jayne Cobb hat!
 First time giving blood!
 The hero of Canton's #1 Fan
 So much Stuff!
 Star Wars Oragami
 Passed out after a busy day being a nerd
 Camille and her best friend John Barrowman at his book signing. She's a baby Tardis!

 Lego Iron Man
 Camille Baby Tardis and awesome 4th Doctor

 Adorable tiny 10th doctor playing with Camille. It was SO CUTE!

 In line at the BUTT crack of DAWN for Doctor Who panel!
 Tiny Dalek!
 Baby Dalek and John Barrowman again!

After Comic Con, it was getting ready for Camille's birthday! My mom came down for a week and Brendans parents came down for a few days. My sister and her family, Brendans brother and my dad came down for the party too! Lots of people were here for our girls 1st birthday!! We invited lots of friends and it was crazy! Kids everywhere, toys, food, friends and family. It was the best. It was exactly as I'd hoped it would be!! It's amazing to me that she's one. On her actual birthday all day I kept thinking back to what I was doing exactly on year before. Going to the doctor for an ultrasound, them saying she was going to be like 8 1/2 pounds then my doctor saying I'm leaking fluid and to go to the hospital. Getting hooked up and induced, the terrible non stop contractions, epidural bliss, her being sunny side up and so hard to get out and my mom getting there JUST IN TIME. It was amazing and hard and perfect all in one. She's such an awesome girl. She gives kisses, loves to explore, laughs a lot. She is starting to get mad when she doesn't get her way and doesn't understand why you take things. She's sad when you leave. She's becoming a person. Watching her grow up! Here's som pics from her party:

July was Awesome!!!